Xylitol Chewing-Gum Kids - Strawberry

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  • 30 units
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Oral hygiene gauge in a reusable box of 30 units.

Xylitol miradent chewing gum reduces the development of cavities by cleaning the teeth and releasing xylitol which inhibits bacterial plaque formation. It becomes especially effective when used after meals.

Xylitol inhibits the formation of plaque on the teeth, forming complexes with calcium and saliva proteins to remineralize the enamel. This helps prevent cavities as well as separate and remove existing plaque deposits. Xylitol produces a refreshing effect on the tongue, creating a feeling of freshness similar to that of menthol. Xylitol has no cariogenic effect because the bacteria do not react to it. Studies have concluded that xylitol may contribute to a reduction in the incidence of caries up to 100%.

Strawberry flavor - Ideal for children

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